our history

How it all started...

     ABE Security Services was founded in 2021 when Alexander Molina decided it was time to create a service that was of high quality, built with compassion, trust and fairness for all involved. He had his fill of high risk for low pay through companies and contractors who would undercut each other to provide sub-standard conditions and pay resulting in poor service. Building from scratch, ABE Security Services has pulled together Security Guards and Certified Agents alike to train and work together effortlessly. We use experts connected with Home Land Security and local law enforcement to provide and/or support our training, ensuring the best results. Our clients as well as our team of Guards and Agents are our priority and as such, we provide a fair rate for their skills which in turn pushes them to give their best effort. With that in mind, we also work with our clients to give fair pricing for this effort. We strive to do what is necessary over what if more profitable. Your safety and trust in us is what is most important.

Meet the OWNER

Alexander Molina-Garcia

Alexander Molina-Garcia began his career in 2008 when he joined the US Army as a combat engineer. He finished his term in the military leaving a skilled and knowledgeable Veteran NCO. He then stepped into the security field with a detective agency working shifts at nightclubs and securing warehouses while also working in the safe transportation money and ATM management. His goal has always been to provide excellent service and learn new skills to improve his ability to do so. Having received training in de-escalation techniques, high tension and violent training scenarios, First-Aid, and CPR, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the group. He holds the lethal weapons certification for Pennsylvania (ACT235) accompanied by OCAT, Baton, Handcuff, and self-defense training certifications. With an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice in police operations and procedures, he sets a high standard for our team and keeps relations open with local law enforcement. With 11 years of diverse security industry experience, he is now ready to lead the A.B.E Security Services team to the best of his ability.